Girls, Longtime girlfriend cheated then lied about it for two years - is there a way back? Or should it end?

4 years ago, I dated a woman who was divorced a few months earlier. We were friends first, though I admired her. When began dating because she wanted a fling before moving overseas. It became more than a fling.

2 years ago we hit a rough patch. We were not broken up, but one night we argued over the phone. She was in a different state and I was home in Texas. After we hung up, she met another guy at a concert. They spent the night making out while I was home worried about the relationship. The next day all seemed normal. She was calling and sending me selfies, while making dates with the other guy and introducing him to her kids and father. She didn't even know him. A month later, while she was working in Oregon, I flew out to try to rebuild our relationship. She acted funny, but I didn't know why. A few days after I went home, this other guy visits her, too, and they sleep together. When she returned to Texas, she acted like nothing happened. We were intimate, just after she was with the other guy.

We broke up a month or two later, and she immediately started a long distance thing with the other guy. I saw this through social media, and I suspected she had cheated with him. When that blew up after a few months, me and this woman started talking again. Then dating again. I asked her if she ever cheated on me with him while we were dating before, and she denied it. Several times.

I found out everything one one day when she left her laptop at my house. I always suspected something so I looked. I found out that she cheated, slept with him days after being with me and then was with me again. She only told her best friend and asked her to keep it quiet. This woman also slept with at least two men toward the end of her marriage, though she said they were separated (they lived in the same house).

She only disconnected from him on social media after I found out the truth, and they emailed each other recently. I love her, but feel I cannot trust her. What should I do?
Girls, Longtime girlfriend cheated then lied about it for two years - is there a way back? Or should it end?
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