I want to give up on women but at the same time I don't?

Now everybody say's you have to be attracted to the person in order for thing's to work, but i just don't see the point if I'm lacking in looks. And i can almost argue that attraction is just lust and sexual tension, but i know people will be very defensive agains it but it's true attraction is lust and for some time now I've been thinking about just giving up on finding a girlfriend because it's too difficult and looks are the biggest thing that matters in a relationship and i don't want to hear personality wins in the end, because it doesn't looks prevail over everything else. And I'll admit i get jealous and bitter at the guy's who can easily get girlfriend's because they have the looks, recently though even though i feel like giving up a part of me still wants to experience love but i honestly feel love is just lust at some point in a relationship. And i realise people say that they need attraction, but what if I'm never attractive to any women? And what if after all the efforts i put in such staying fit, more confident, more outgoing and just relaxed what if i still don't find a girlfriend? At this point it really is my looks and that's why even if i had a positive attitude, it still wouldn't matter because i don't have the looks. And i know women who comment on this will say rude things like they do with every other guy on here struggling in the same situation, but i don't know what to do? Do i just live life without ever experiencing any love, grow old and die? What if after everything I've tried still nothing happens for me? I see guy's with girlfriend's and i ask myself "how did they get a girlfriend?" It's because they have the looks in the long run looks are the most important thing in a relationship, now i understand it completely and it makes me feel suicidal knowing I'll never have one.
I want to give up on women but at the same time I don't?
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