Will you take your the father of your children back under these circumstances?

This is the scenario. You have 2 kids with a guy (one just recently born), never got really married with the father of your kids but you were living with him, for the public, you name him as your husband, but deep down you know that he is not legally anyway. The thing is that when you were not pregnant with your second child and just had the daughter as a couple, you argue and fight with the guy very often and vice versa, in regards of the relationship, the daughter or even family issues they constant fight as the years passed and neither one changed or wanted to change attitude but continue to be living together. Last year you decided to leave the guy because you found out he was cheating on you and at this time you were already pregnant with his second kid,, you had like 3 mos pregnant already but alreayd you were the one who left the house and went on to live with your mom, cause she could take care of their daughter and baby sit her, but he guy stayed at the house he shared with the lady. You did not want to do anything to do with him anymore so the guy left but he started to loose a bit interest in his daughter in the sense of not visiting her often or not calling her often and also he started to act differently towards the daughter.

The new baby was born and for some reason during the mother maternity leave and when the baby was born something happened between them that the lady took her husband back to her life and it is probably he left the the girl he was seeing her for many months and the reason why his partner left him.

It looks like that for the 2 kids the mother accept his partner again back to her life, probably he promised her he will change for the kids.
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Now under these circumstances will you take a cheater back to your life, even if it is for the sake of the kids and maybe both as a couple will learn their lesson on how to deal with their relationship better or that is something it will never change, especially if in the past they argue and fight constantly.
Will you take your the father of your children back under these circumstances?
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