I just need some encouraging words?

Everywhere I can see those couples who are lovely to each other. I saw many friends finding a boyfriend in the last few months. One couple even got engaged.
And well I got nothing.
I don't know, I actually don't need any complications right now because of the stressful school year which is coming. Everything I heard about relationships from my friends are complains and I know I don't have to stress myself over something like this. I know that.
I never got a boyfriend or a kiss.
I am sometimes most likely an airhead and don't realise things and I blush easily and avert eye contact when talking to guys who interest me.
Because of those actions it always leads me to think: Is something wrong with me?
And I would end up getting a little sad.
I am already trying to convince myself that nothing is wrong, I can take my time.

Maybe some encouraging words from others can help me? ^^'
I just need some encouraging words?
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