My boyfriend and his ex still follow each other on social media? Should I be concerned or relax?

we've been together for 8 months now. i'm sure before getting into a relationship/dating stage one does a bit of internet online peeping here and there just to see what they're like

i know it's past and i can't control things that happened before i came in the picture. I have a past of my own too. But i leave no traces of them on my social media after i cut them out of my life.

i noticed this girl completely stopped exchanging tweets, favourites on posts, pictures etc. on twitter. after (this was months before i knew him) so he must have had time to for closure before he met me. they still follow each other. But it didn't seem like a committed relationship - a fling really. as she's joke about cheating on him a lot.

i'm not one of those people that like publicises my relationship on social media but i know she is bound to at least know of me as he interacts with me now on there but we don't post about each other the way she did with him obsessively simply because i like to stay private.
I do see her like his current posts he puts up on instagram - but that's what instagram is for. But can't tell if he likes her pictures back due to private accounts but it's not that serious for that 1

He's never mentioned any ex'es which is why i don't bother bringing up. He'll be transparent to me in introducing his female friends and will explain who they are if ask. But i can't bring myself to ask about who that girl is which is most likely his ex. I wouldn't demand him to delete old traces of this, I'd rather him do it himself without me asking but he probably forgot about those old posts as he doesn't really use twitter as much ever since he met me and focusing on university.

I would love to know if anyone has experienced anything similar in their relationship or partners past. And what you did to overcome this issue? Is it worth looking into? Or just leave it
My boyfriend and his ex still follow each other on social media? Should I be concerned or relax?
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