Should I tell my friend that her boyfriend and I kissed?

Weve been to the same university for some years and me and him have always had that connection, but due to other boyfriends/girlfriends weve never acted out on it. Last year he got together with my friend and everytime we meet out he wants to talk to me about me and him, asks if he left her, would I ever take him and so on.. I've told him no and that he should never mention it again and I've avoided him. I havnt seen him for a year until this weekend. I know drinking too much is not an excuse, but we were drunk and when we saw each other it was like nothing else mattered, only us two existed in the world. Im a person thats always in controle of my actions, I've never even been close to a situation like this and of all people, Im the most surprised that I just let go. We were so happy, careless, dancing, kissing, and at a point we recognized someone in our class, I think its likely that there's a rumour about it. We said that we will never see eachother again (hes moving a way anyway) and not talk to anyone about it, we know we made our own bed so if its out its out and just face the storm.

she's a friend of mine and I know that I've broken our friendship and Im not going to fake it, I can't pretend, but I dont know wether to tell her or let him tell her? But what if he doesn't tell her? I know their relationship is on the verge of a breakup and I have no idea what he's told her... should I just tell her or see if she knows or not?

And the coward part of me dont want to tell her at all, I want to spare her from the hurt and hope it never reaches her ears, even if I tell her or not I know I've lost her anyway because I couldn't pretend.

What would you do?

(+ when do you consider honesty to be right or when should you hold back? what if it only brings hurt/only destructive and no personal growth? Is it still the way to go?)
Should I tell my friend that her boyfriend and I kissed?
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