My friends with benefits wants to stop seeing me because he cares too much and other contradictions?

I've been sleeping with one of my good friends, all was running smoothly, until another of my friends (just friend, bordering on best friend) told me he loved me. I let my friends with benefits know because guy#2 is a really great friend of both of ours.

Understandably my friends with benefits told me we had to stop sleeping together. However he told me he already knew about my friends feelings. Which confused because if he already knew why did me knowing suddenly make a difference?

He said he had initially planned to not sleep with me again because of Guy#2's feelings but he was the one that initiated sex
He said that he wants to keep sleeping around with other girls but that none of them matter to him like I do hence why he needs to break it off with me before it hurts my feelings.
He said he doesn't want a relationship but if he did it would have been me last year, but not this year?
He said he gets annoyed when I sleep with other people but he wants to continue to sleep around
He said he doesn't understand why he keeps doing selfish things when they hurt the people he cares about.

He said all this but he never once said that he liked me anymore than a really great friend. We stopped sleeping together and honestly I'm fairly upset about it so maybe he had a point about him ending up hurting me. But I always knew where we stood. We were friends, we had sex. Now I'm just confused. I can't decide whether
-he really just loves having my friendship and doesn't want to hurt my feelings even though we both know the time for that has passed
-He's found someone else he wants to sleep with more and he's just sugar coating a breakup message (trust me it's something he would do)(he also assured me there wasn't another girl tho but he seemed shifty af about it)
-He's developed feelings for me and is actually protecting himself
-He really cares about his friendship with guy#2 and doesn't want me to come between (although this makes no sense because of contradiction #1)

Comments? Opinions?
My friends with benefits wants to stop seeing me because he cares too much and other contradictions?
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