Could I be headed for an abusive relationship?

So, I just started going out with this guy, I was suppose to have seen him this past memorial day weekend but I couldn't because I was with my family and stuff and I was kind of busy, so when he texts me and I don't answer he says"what the f*** is taking you so long to write back, and when I talked to him last night he said I should cuss you the f*** out and that I think thing the sh** is funny -those were his exact words. could I be headed into a abusive relationship if I go any further with him. he has told me he's taking anger management classes.

I'm worried about going to see him , because he said he's really horny and has needs and I don't wanna have sex with him yet , he might get really mad when he finds out I don't wanna have sex with him yet
Closed Question- I choose not to purse this relationship, Your advice really helped me, and I am now currently looking for someone else


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  • well why didn't you respond? how long did he wait until he bugged out?...i havea and issue with people ignoring me as well...a simple "hey I'm busy ill get at you later" resolves that issue and makes both parties know wtf is going on and that he's not being ignored...

    i mean who likes the silent treatment anyways? do you know anyone who doesn't get upset when you just ignore them or when they think you're ignoring them...

    now I'm not saying what he did was correct, he def needs to chill out, I think he's over analyzing the situation here...has he been in bad relationships in the past with trust issues? you need to talk to him about htis and find a way for him to trust you and not swear at you like that...afterall you are his girlfriend...try explaining the situation and that you're sorry...he should be the one apologizing but someitmes you gotta let him just be like ok...

    you girls don't have to win the fight EVERY time...someitmes even tho you know ur right you just gotta be like ok I'm sorry and just let things cool off...

    id take it a little slow and if he touches you once, leave his ass...thats should not be tolerated

    • I don't ignore him , its just that I was suppose to have went to see him but I couldn't go so he got really mad at me and said its a privellge to be with him and that I need to get my f***** a** up there to see him , he did say he takes anger management classes for court

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    • I did tell him I was sorry for not texting him back and he said yeah your always sorry, do you think that maybe if I go see him he won't be so mad?

    • Jesus christ, its a privelidge to be with him...what is he a KING or a GOD? what the heck...yo you deserve better, leave him....jesus christ I've never heard a guy say that to a women...i'd detach yourself from him...he sounds full of himself

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  • Yes he is already abusive. He seems highly unstable. Stay away.

  • yeah don't be with this guy


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  • There are many forms of abuse. Just because the other person doesn't physically cause harm to your body that can be seen by the eye DOES NOT mean that s/he isn't abusing you. Emotional abuse, neglect, and torment, are all serious forms of abuse.

    Go with your gut. If you feel apprehensive of diving in a shallow pool don't do it. Let him have time to finish the anger management classes before you start a relationship with this guy.

    Don't put yourself in harms way. Don't become the deer stunned and frozen in the road when you see headlights.

    Run. Let him find himself. If he doesn't know himself and can't make himself happy there is no way you guys will be happy as a couple.

    Best Wishes


  • Well. for off nobody has the right to talk to you that way male or female.

    Second of all so far from the little I know he sounds VERY controlling which

    could possibly lead to abuse.

    But you should break up with if you if have the smallest feeling that he is abusive

    be cause if you stay hoping that he will change and he lays his hands on you, you'll regret it.

    It's not worth the risk.

    And if he doesn't understand that you can't always answer him or if he doesn't accept

    you apology then that wiill also cause major issues in your relationship.

    So when push comes to shove you need to just LEAVE HIM!

    Good Luck

    { Hope I Helped}

  • The fact that you're even asking this question should be a red flag. Just because you didn't answer his text doesn't give him the right for him to curse at you for that. And in your case its his privelage to see you. For you to put up with this is unnecessary You deserve better; you really do.

    He's Clearly taking ANGER MANAGEMENT for a reason