Will I Ever Find A Boyfriend?

Hey! I'm a girl but I can't seem to find a boyfriend. I think it's because of my height. Everyone's like blah blah blah you should be a model. Which is really annoying. I seem to tower over some of the guys lol There are some taller guys in my school but they're all upperclassmen and I don't have an classes with them and it would be SO scary to talk to them. So is there any hope for me?


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  • Sure you might find a boyfriend. I once met a girl who was like six foot three maybe more. It was a little intense at first but I actually kinda liked her. I thought she was funny, and she seemed like a real keeper. We had a couple of good nights spent together and I thought we really hit it off too. Alas, I guess it wasn't meant to be. I don't know, maybe she didn't feel the same way. Still, my point is I didn't get scared off, and I liked this girl. I would have dated her if it kept going, but it didn't.

    Chances are there are going to be a few guys out there who will really like you for who you are and like me not see the height as a bad thing. Heck like me they'll probably think it's kinda hot. You shouldn't let this thing keep you down. Just head out and really put yourself out here. Try not to get self conscious about this. They'll see you for you sooner or later. If not, then maybe you can get proactive. I'm sure some guys out there would love it. I know that it would make MY day if some amazon started hitting on me.

    Anyway you can go about this anyway you like. In the mean time please don't worry about your height, because there is bound to be a few guys out there who will want you for you.

    Good luck out there amazon girl. ;D

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. So did my advice help?

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    • Yeah of course! I just clicked the button lol

    • You're a doll.

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  • A lot of guys assume tall girls don't want to date guys shorter than them. You have to admit girls seem to be very picky about the most mundane of details.

    You should make yourself look approachable if you feel nervous about approaching people or aggravated people think you are tall odds are you don't look friends because outwardly you reflect your inner frustrations.

    Don't be afraid to say hi to someone. It's not as scary as a full conversation, but it puts the ball in their court.

  • Every guy likes different girls

    Theres got to be guys in your class that like tall girls

    Just hang in there and he'll show up soon!


  • i dated a girl taller then me. it was cool.


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