Why does my married ex-girlfriend keep sending me angry texts?

My girlfriend and I broke up after an argument, I tried to make up but she didn't want to, though she warmed up for a bit. She immediately started dating an older man (40, she's 23), one of the chefs at her work where she was a temp line cook- I didn't know this at the time, but I'd given up anyways.

One night she texted me asking where I was, i missed that due to being asleep. When I woke up I tried to reach her but she said never to talk to her again.

Ever since then she's been texting me a few times a week, it's about 50/50 angry things about our breakup and just stating that her friends are talking about me. It's been about 3 months.

Speaking of her friends, a bit ago they told me she was engaged to the guy. Then that they were married (she was on a visa so it's understandable these things go fast). She's never mentioned that, just keeps sending the same texts.

It bothers me sometimes a bit that she says angry things to me about the breakup when she's clearly moved on in a big way, being married and all. I don't respond.

I'm not going to block her number, I've never been able to get that to work and it doesn't really bother me nearly enough anyways.

Why would she keep texting me though? It's not like she's confiding in me, and they are usually during the day so she isn't drunk. They aren't long, usually a brisk sentence or two. I'm thinking it might just be therapeutic. Only other reason I can think of is she used to text me constantly throughout the day so it might just be a force of habit.
Why does my married ex-girlfriend keep sending me angry texts?
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