How to stop being jealous in a relationship?

So my boyfriend is going away to another state across the country for a week to visit with his friends. We have become very close lately as our relationship is still fresh, under the 6 month mark. I am/was excited for him to go as he misses his friends but am going to miss him because we spend all the time together, though it is good to take a break "absence makes the heart grow fonder" they say. My only concern was his ex, who lives there as well but I am not concerned about that as we have a great relationship and I trust him.
My issue is that my dream is to go to Canada, something he didn't have too much interest in. On his way up north he had told me that he is going to also be going to Canada with his friends for a few days, something I have always dreamed about. I can't help but feel very envious and jealous of his opportunity and it makes me angry. I love him and this is not right for me to feel this way but I don't know why i feel it or what to do to make it go away. He said that since he has a free place to stay he wants to take me there this summer but even then im still mad. I love him so much and he's so incredibly good to me it is crazy. He is better to me than I could ever imagine and I should be happy for him and uplift him. I feel like a shit girlfriend bc I expressed my anger and jealousy/envy to him and he remained calm and loving. I don't want this stupid jealousy to ruin my relationship as it is so stupid but I just can't seem to let it go that he gets to live my dream while I sit at home.
How to stop being jealous in a relationship?
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