Should I break up with my alcoholic boyfriend?

When we first met, there were no signs of a problem at all. He was just this super sweet person who I loved being around. He was actually married to someone else when we met, so we had to keep things PG at first. When they got divorced, we started talking more but I also noticed that he started drinking more. I asked him what led to the divorce and he said Alison* found a beer bottle cap and assumed he had been drinking (her ex-husband was alcoholic so that's why she was triggered). He told me they got into huge fight over it and decided to part ways. So with their divorce in the works, him and I started dating. But every time we would hang out, he would ask to stop by the liquor store. I remember him telling me one time that he was upset because Alison was going to take everything in the divorce. I could tell it was really starting to get to him and he in turn would start to drink more and more. He hit his breaking point when he was texting his mom one day and his mom replied back, "who is this?" He broke down crying because he was afraid she had Alzheimer's. It was so upsetting for me because I watched him just cry and drink and I didn't know what to do.

He drinks everyday now and it's taking a serious toll on his health. He's throwing up all the time, he gets the shakes, he randomly gets hot, etc. He tells me he wants to get better and I tell him that he has to because I can't be in a relationship with a drunk. I threw away his alcohol last night during one of his episodes and he got upset saying that he needed it. Now, I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do but I just felt I had to do something.

So what do I do? Do I leave him?

*Name has been changed

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Thanks guys! It turns out you all were right about me taking his alcohol too soon. He had the shakes all day today but I got him some vodka and he calmed down. I love him too much to leave him so I'm going to stay and work through this with him. He said he only needs two weeks to detox and he'll be back to normal again. We'll see though.

Again, thank you!
Should I break up with my alcoholic boyfriend?
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