I'm ashamed of my boyfriend? Am I a bad person?

my boyfriend likes to try out a lot of new things and he isn't really good at them :/ recently he has been cycling and he likes it a lot. we went to this sports mall and he saw this bike which is available for trying on the spot and he wanted to try it. once he got onto the bike, the pedal dropped out. both of us got shocked but he managed to put it back. if i were him i wld just return the bike bcos i wld be too scared to spoil it again but he went on to try the bike. he was very not balanced and seemed very unstable. then the staff person went to tell him in a loud voice "do you know how to ride or not? dont try if u dont know or else u might break it because it's an expensive bike". he said that infront of quite a few people and took the bike back. i was really ashamed and awkward. i felt bad for my boyfriend and he just told me that he's not used to that bike thats why he wasn't stable. i just feel weird that my boyfriend kept insisting on continuing to try it even though he's unstable. am i a bad person for feeling ashamed of my boyfriend's actions? does he deserve better?
I'm ashamed of my boyfriend? Am I a bad person?
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