Boyfriend won't have sex with me ever?

I will make it short.

I am dating with my boyfriend for 8 months now and i love him veeerýy much.
But he is a virgin and i am his first everything while he is my 10th (2 relationships 3 fwbs and 5 ons).
He is 24 and im 23..

At the beginning of our relationship he asked my about my sexual past. I told him everything he wanted to know, he didn't asked me about my partner count but about how i view sexuality. I told him the truth about my casual sex.
he said that he isn't a big fan of casual sex and such stuff. At first i was confused, i though that he was very sexually experienced, because he has no problems with talking and dont act like a virgin and he has this player bad guy look. But god i was wrong when he said that he never even kissed a girl before me.

At the time he said that if i had casual sex that i can separate love and sex and therefore sex is not sth meaningful to me. He said if it isn't special for me than he has no reason to have sex with me cause it is meaningless if the act is just an act. At the moment i thought he joked , even if he looked serious, and so i said "sure, no problem with that" and laughed cause i really thought he joked.

In all the next 7 months he didn't make a move on me sexually, i thought he wasn't ready for it and wanted to wait and like a good girlfriend i didn't want to pressure him. Now a week ago i asked him when he would be ready to have sex with me. His only reaction was a "what do you mean? I told you i won't have sex with yoj, didn't i said it at the beginnig of our relationships. I thought i made it very clear that i won't have sex with someone who seperates love and sex". Then i finally realised that he was always serious about it.

I gone mad at him and we had a bad argument. He didn't understand why i was angry. He always say i have no right to be mad cause he was always honestly about it. He said that he dont see why he should have sex with me if its "just sex" for me. I know it was my fault.

What can i do?
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He loves me a lot and treats me like a queen and shows his love in thousands ways. He says he want to be with me forever.

How can i show him that sex with him won't be just sex?
What can i do?
Boyfriend won't have sex with me ever?
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