I can't get over my ex? What should I do in this situation?

So I'll try to summarize this all. I had a girlfriend. Her name was Ashley. We dated for 11 months, and 5 days. We split on February 20th for no apparent reason. She gave me a few excuses, that were different.
We did not fight, we didn't argue, and if we did, it was about something dumb. For instance, your red can be my blue. Anyways, no fights until one night I saw she was awake late. She was on FB at 1:30 in the morning, and she Worked at 9. She's never up that late. Off topic, but she is an introvert, and I understood, she didn't really have friends, but since I saw she was awake, due to her beautiful look, I expected the worst. Cheating. I sent her a message asking why she was awake so late, and hoping she slept well. The next day, I literally woke up to a text from her. She dumped me. Just exactly like I saw in my dream. I felt torn. A few days later, I tried to talk to her. She didn't want to try again. To be honest, I feel like she dumped me because I mentioned a promise ring a month back. We split, she removed photos, and I faded away. I removed her, and let her know ahead of time. I think she was actually upset about it. I went through a deep depression, and I saw she cut her hair. I ended up moving because I had no other choice. I only went an hour away to another town. After some time, another Ashley began talking to me. She lives across the country. I got over my ex til this girl came. Now all I can think about is how much I miss my ex. When we broke up, my ex didn't say goodbye, so I had no closure. I feel like messaging my ex, but she hasn't reached out to me, and is most likely over me... what should I do? I'm genuinely depressed about this.
I can't get over my ex? What should I do in this situation?
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