Wanting other guys to see my wife’s body?

I’ve always been into the idea of other guys getting an accidental (or intentional) peek at my wife’s body. I’ve only recently actually tried to encourage her to actually show more of her body on purpose. I’ve convinced her to stop wearing bras which I love. And when we go on a date she’ll wear more revealing clothes now. She doesn’t want other guys to see her naked really, but she’s ok showing a lot more cleavage than most people would. I really like that, but it still leaves me wanting more.

She used to be ultra conservative with her clothing, so I appreciate the new confidence she’s showing. I try to hint around the letting her know that I like the idea of her “accidentally” flashing another guy by bending over or something while she braless. I haven’t gotten much traction there though. She’s given guys glimpses legitimately on accident on occasion which I’ve loved. I just want her to want to actually show off her body to other guys.

I know it’s kinda a weird thing for a husband to want his wife to do, I get that. I guess my question is, are there any other guys that like that. Any married women who are ok doing that? And any ideas for getting my wife to be ok being shown off more?
Wanting other guys to see my wife’s body?
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