Moved for boyfriend, who now acts like he resents me. Help?

Back home, I lived with my boyfriend for about a year (as long as we've been together) and it was good. Rocky at times, but good. I always wanted to move to BC, which is across the country and was planning on doing so after graduation. After graduation, my boyfriend had one year left a a program he started at a community college. So I offered to stay in the same city for an additional year so we could move together! And he agreed!

A few months go by and an amazing opportunity comes up for him in BC. Before he was hesitant on the move but now he is 100%, already quit his job, for it. So naturally, I'm thrilled. We sell all of our stuff and move in less than a month and drive across the country to BC for him, and in the long run, us. I say us because he knew his was my dream place to live and there is more opportunity for graduate work in my degree here.

So we get here. Things look okay at first but then our living arrangement and the job he was promised fall through. But back up plan, my dad lives close to where we were and he offered us free stay! So we move in with dad. Now the boyfriend says he moved here for the wrong reason (money). He says he moved for me when really WE moved for the opportunity HE was promised that fell through. He is still in the online version of his courses for the community college and his working at a job that pays more than back east. He doesn't start conversations with me, nor holds them, and routinely is quick to anger when I try and initiate conversation. He was never very affectionate but now it's like I have a disease and he can't bare the sight of me. I've done everything in my capability to make him comfortable here. Yet he blames depression, anxiety and homesickness on everything. He doesn't even attempt to enjoy his time here and constantly finds ways of not doing things with me.

Imiss who he was. I'm tired of being blamed for his own choice. There's more to say but I'm out of characters. what do I do?
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On top of everything, he activity says he will go home when he has the money. Yet he's not working or making enough and is making apts for dentists, etc. Which will take the money he has.

He can't afford to go home. I can't throw him out because I still love him. But I'm tired of living with someone who is miserable and won't do anything to improve their situation themselves.

What can I do?
Moved for boyfriend, who now acts like he resents me. Help?
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