Ways to revenge on my cheating boyfriend before breaking up with him?

I'm dating this guy for 9 months. Until 4 months ago our relationship was fine (at least I thought) but then he started to treat me like shit, not appreciating me and also disrespected me several times. I kept with him because well I already knew about this attitude he always had, kinda like a bad boy, I've been always attracted to scumbag, and yes I have daddy issues, you don't need to guess!! and I'm very costumed to have guys treating me like shit but always kept this little hope I will some how change him. But now I just got too tired of been cheated on and will never give second opportunitys again.
He cheated on me with one of my girl friends. Wasn't a very close friend but still It was my friend! I know about this for one month and never told him. I see his facebook messages he sends to other girls. He cheated on me more than once!
Just before breaking up with him in the most easy way, by words, I would prefer to make him taste his own medicine. I don't know why but he's very convicted that I will never broke up with him (maybe because I always gived him opportunitys after opportunitys).
I was just thinking about going on a party or something, hookup with some guy, maybe one of his friends, maybe in front of him, maybe take some pictures and show him, maybe wait until someone we met go tell him he saw me cheating, I would also share his nudes on the internet (he wouldn't share mine. I was smart and delete them from his phone)... I don't know, but I have no problem or shame to do this.
What you think It should be the best revenge? Give some ideas?
Ways to revenge on my cheating boyfriend before breaking up with him?
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