Is my boyfriend a narcissist?

My boyfriend is a good guy, he's a family guy, he's determined, he has his shit together, he has good values, he's clean (ish), likable, etc but I feel like he can be cocky at times. Sometimes he screams narcissism and I'm over it. He loves talking about himself, his accomplishments, what he can do, how he learned something, why its better his way, why he deserves this and not that, etc. Not only of himself but anything that has to do with him so like his family-he's so prideful about his family and talks about them all like they are so unique and again, their accomplishments, what they can do, why they're so cool, their family events, etc. Some of the signs that show his narcissism is he literally avoids something I say and turns it around about him. This could be in person or through text. So for ex, this one time I called him out on it which was recent-I said something I did that day and was happy and he didn't respond (this was in person) and then I said "... and you don't care." Then he was like "well what if I told you I did so and so, do you care?" I'm like "um yeah but I'm talking about what I did, not what you did." So you see he was just super blind to see where I was coming from and turned it around and made himself the victim like "you don't care what I say either so..." which I do but for once can I talk about what I did with your undivided attention? Another time was he was over at my parents house and one of them had an injury and while explaining to him what happened, he responded by saying "yeah my mom had the same thing, she had to go to the doctor and they told her this so she ended up doing that and blah blah blah" like wow dude you literally ignored my parents to boast about yours. It's just all about him whats even more annoying is he plays it off like this humble guy when really, inside he thinks he's above everyone else. I love him but I need to confront him about this but he'll either take it too personally or be blind to it and not see his flaws.
Is my boyfriend a narcissist?
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