Fascinated by her, but not sure if I should fuck her.. Please advise?

Sorry about the long story but its important that you read it before you judge me
So it's about a girl i met online, but never had the chance to meet face to face. She's very intelligent and we can talk for hours we've shared pics as well.
We are very open talking about any topic and very comfortable talking to her. Its been over 7 years now and I've already admitted that I would love to fuck her at least once in my life if I ever got to meet her and suggestively she was okay with that. We have an intimate and intellectual connection she tells me "why would you want to fuck me? I'm not the prettiest of women out there " and i always felt and told her that the kind of sex you have when are so much in tune with the way other person thinks it makes sex much more than just sex.

She doesn't mind if i convey my sexual fantasies to her doesn't think of me as a pervert but as someone to go to everytime she's depressed or something. Which is fine she had her breakup quite some time back now.
But here's the thing a lot has changed over the years.
I've gotten married now and we are still very close friends. I love my wife she knows about her very well.
But I have these feelings abot her that I still want to meet her at least once face to face since she's such an important part in my life as a support and experience sex with her if she agrees to it. Should I meet her? Should I proceed with her seeing how it plays out? And should I fuck her if she agrees and we have a mutual understanding?
I want to clear out that I'm not greedy for sex. I am fascinated by this girl. And i just want to experience how it feels to have sex with someone with whom the connection is almost telepathic.

Fascinated by her, but not sure if I should fuck her.. Please advise?
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