Guy Language-the way they talk to certain girls?

I'm friends with a lot of older guys but one of them treats me like he has a thing for me. I want to ask before I say anything to him or make my move. He always is calling me boo or babe. He tells me things he doesn't even tell other people. He has recently said that he like owns me and will protect me, and he gets mad when I talk about other guys in front of him. He puts them down in a way and jokes with me about going out with him. He has been asking me to hang out with him a lot lately, and he will text me everyday asking me how my day was and if I like anyone. It just seems so weird to me, I don't know if he likes me or if he's just flirting with me. Any advice to tell me?


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  • I think he does have a thing for you, He probably has liked you for a while, but now he's starting to push for it. You probably already to flirt with him, so continue it. If you like him back, then maybe you could make the first move, because he might never do it.!

    • Thank you. I'm pretty sure I do like this guy. but there's one problem, I can't have him. he's my best friend's brother.

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