Why don't guys like me?

Pretty much the title sums it up, but most girls during one time or another tell me I'm pretty, but guys never tell me that so I think there's something wrong with me, and not the guys.

i never feel good enough, like I hang out with guys and stuff but I always feel second best to everyone, like the guys I'm interested would rather be getting with someone else.

what can I do?

I'm also friendly believe it or not, and I don't like talking about myself so I do ask questions and whatnot. Is this all in my head pretty much?


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  • there's a girl I work with who I think is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met - but there's no way I could just tell her - even when we're alone

    its not that guys don't think your pretty - its really really difficult to tell a girl something like that - even more so if your friends cause they could really take it the wrong way - but then its not something you can ask them either

    look at the bright side - at least no one has said anything negative about how you look :)

    Its a shame you feel the way you do - confidence - real or not - is always something we're attracted to

    • It's hard because I grew up feeling like I wasn't good enough I guess. I guess because I was shy and different I thought. Also, II grew up where everyone was different race so it kinda intimidated me a little bit. II don't know, I guess you're right. I'm gonna have to work on mine.

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  • The poster that said you have a bad view of yourself hit it on the head. If you don't like yourself, how can you expect someone else to like you?

    I don't know how women go about improving themselves, but when I was younger a lot of the girls I was interested weren't remotely interested in me because I just didn't have anything interesting in my life going on. I was good for a boring conversation, but when it came to hanging out or partying, I didn't have any suggestions or experience, so they would seek other guys that did.

    I say focus on making yourself more interesting. Whatever you like, completely immerse yourself into it. If you like a certain band, see if you can go see a concert. Go by yourself if you have to who cares. Get some stuff to talk about and experience with having fun. Once you have intersting things going on in your life, you'll be like a magnet, because you'll have fun stuff to do and talk about.

    Good luck and don't be so down on yourself. It's highly unattractive. If you have to go walk through a mall in your best outfit with yoru sexiest walk and tell yourself "I'm the sexiest woman here and all the guys here want me." You'll notice by just that change of mind, guys will sneak glances at you because you will be carrying yourself with more confidence.

  • Ok this is gona sound weird. But sometimes when a guy realy likes a girl he clams up and doesn't say anything. Because we are afraid we will blow it say something stupid or something. It is actualy much easier to talk to a girl you are not interested in because there's no pressure. A way you can break the ice is by bringing up common interests. Some of the pretiest girls are also the most intimidating to guys so guys may think they don't even have a shot with you. Ask them what they do for fun, what's your favorite sports team or favorite type of movie. Or ask them to help you figure out a crossword puzzle even if you don't do them. What this does is it breaks the ice. Once the guy has been talking for a while you could play off his interests. O you like vampire movies why don't we see one togeather. O you like football lets catch a game. If the guy finds out you don't like football and your doing this just to impress him he is gona love you for the effort even more. By being pals with us first it takes the edge off. And if you make the first move and ask him out he will totaly respect you for that. Even if he is not into you. He will give you props for the effort. See we have to ask out girls all the time some are very harsh to us because they don't know how hard it is to ask out a guy. All guys know how hard it is to ask someone out. When you do it you will get a warm smile from the guy. So try being a friend play off the guys interests and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised and very happy with your results. Let me know if you liked my advise thanx.

  • Sounds like you have a moderately bad self-image/self-conscious problem. The first step is to find out where it originated, then find out what has kept it going (guys not asking you out), and then you need to find a way to overcome it.

    Since you haven't really listed any worries or fears or much more about yourself it's hard for me to say what you could do to overcome it. The chances are that you will find someone who appreciates you ( a guy), but that takes time.

    What do you want from your situation? Do you want a man, do you want to feel pretty, please explain what it is you want.

    And don't just say, "I want a man, or I want to feel pretty." You've got to expand on that too. Why do you want a man, why do you want to feel pretty? I hope this makes sense.

    I really do want to help you out : )

    • Thanks for answering, I want more guy friends so other guys I'm interested in will think I'm attractive, since a guy's logic is the more guy friends a girl has, the prettier she is.

    • I was unaware of this logic. I think the logic is, "If a girl is pretty, guys will flock around her, which means she'll be popular, but only because she's pretty"

      I don't think friends make people attractive, being born attractive is what makes people attractive.

  • Try this ask the guy what other places he hangs out at besides the place you are at. Ask him if he likes football or other sports even if you don't. Cause once you find out what his interests are you can talk to him about that. When a guy realy likes a girl believe it or not some times we are afraid to talk to her. Take it from me a guy. We are just as afraid of saying the wrong thing or messing up as you. Some of the easiest girls to talk to are the ones we don't like as a girlfriend. Initiating the conversation and finding out the guys interests, hobbies etcetra is a great way to break the ice. Maybe your friends are actually giving the guys openings to talk. If you do this you will be amazed at how easy we are to talk to. Become pals with us first then you can take it to the next level. Some of the best relationships are also friendships. Let me know if this helped


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