How can I tell if I have trust issues or if my boyfriend is actually not to be trusted?

I know I have some trust issues but I never thought they were as strong until I started dating this guy. My dad cheated on my mom, for years, and I haven't chosen the best guys in my past. The guy I'm with now knows all of this and when we talk and are together I feel comforted and trusting but then I see stuff on social media or things he tells me and it makes me want to run away from this altogether. For example, because I am a young attractive female, I do get a lot of attention from guys, I don't reciprocate when I have a boyfriend, however, it really bothers my boyfriend and he almost retaliates. He'll tell me how other girls in his college class ask for his Snapchat, how he can tell these other girls are into him and now that he's in a relationship all of a sudden they popped out of the woodwork. I noticed he recently became friends with a girl from a college class of Gus on Facebook, I assume he added her... and now I wonder why or if he's messaging her. He told me he thinks it's okay for him to talk or randomly flirt with women because he knows himself and it wouldn't go past that, but for me I can't because he knows guys and he doesn't trust what would happen. Complete double standards. Or when we're together I'll see random girl names (sometimes) on his Snapchat and it makes me wonder who else he snaps because he isn't social and doesn't have many friends especially not females. He'll also follow random pages on Instagram of hot girls and like their photos and it just makes me wonder how much he really values being with me if he's always looking at other girls, in person and online.
How can I tell if I have trust issues or if my boyfriend is actually not to be trusted?
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