Is it right that my boyfriend got mad and told me not to drink on NYE (controlling)?

My boyfriend and I (23) lived together for 4 years. He recently moved overseas to a prestigious uni. We are currently in a LDR.
I visited him over Christmas (he paid). On New Years' Eve at a cocktail lounge, he told me "No alcoholic drinks for you". We started having a huge argument. I rarely drink. I wanted to on NYE because I knew when I flew back to my country, I would resume not drinking and focus on studying.
I said I could pay for my own drink. He said "You're either drinking a non-alcoholic drink or we're going home". We did.
He didn't want me to drink because it "hurt him to see my hand flared up from eczema" (from our Christmas dinner date when he ordered a bottle of red wine). He wanted me to compromise since he didn't want to go out. But then he said he "doesn't think I can take care of myself" - not about my skin, but if another person who was "more sorted in life" wanted to drink despite bad skin, he wouldn't mind. He thinks that I "need someone to make decisions for me" and argued about my setbacks at university - I was initially failing university and switched my degree, and have been studying for an additional 2 years. He is still disappointed and stuck by me and "cleaned up after my messes instead of finding someone else". But how is this linked to drinking on NYE?
We went out drinking the following night but this is tainted now, as in an argument he told me he only did it because he "pitied my need to drink".

He wants me to move back in with him in his country when I graduate at the end of the year. However, this incident and telling me that I can't take care of myself makes me want to live alone to work on and pay for myself. This "stresses and hurts him" and he wants us to "continue supporting each other". He has done so much for me over the years and he is generous. Though, I am wary of him controlling me. His ego has grown a lot over the years.

Do you think he was justified in controlling whether I could drink or not?
Is it right that my boyfriend got mad and told me not to drink on NYE (controlling)?
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