So now he has tried adding me as a friend on Snapchat, why, just why?

Been posting a bit on here as of late. I broke up with my boyfriend 11 days ago. At first I didn't think to remove him from my Facebook or Messenger because to be honest I didn't think he would become an issue so left things as they were until the day after the break up when he posted to rude memes in an attempt to take a dig at me and then the next morning proclaiming to all the world that he enjoyed his coffee and catch up with his ex girlfriend before me - another hurtful attempt to make me jealous and hit where it hurts. I then blocked him from Facebook and Messenger. 6 days later he sends my sister a friend request to which she sent him a message declining and her disappointment in how he has treated me. She blocked him also.

Last night he sends me a friend request in Snap Chat. Now strangely enough for the whole time of us being together which was nearly a year he never once had Snap chat on his phone, said he wasn't interested in the app and didn't want it. Why then all of a sudden since the breakup does he have it and why add me as a friend despite everything else?

I have two thoughts on this:

a) He wants to see what I am getting up to since he can no longer see this on Facebook

b) He is using it to talk with other girls maybe as apparently Snap Chat is a hookup/flirt app and perhaps if I see he is on it he may think that's what I'm thinking and be irritated which if that's the case then another attempt at trying to hurt me.

So now he has tried adding me as a friend on Snapchat, why, just why?
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