The seven year ex that won't go away! What is my boyfriend's ex's problem?

OK, so maybe this is more to vent then ask anything, but if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.

My Boyfriend & his ex got divorced 7 years ago. She left him for another man( She has been married 7 times - no really! And my Boyfriend was husband # 6. She left him after 6 years of marriage to go back to and remarry husband # 5. Whom she has now left also.My Boyfriend wants nothing to do with her, avoids her at all cost.

Trouble is we live in a small town & she works for the same company he does (different department). He just made manager of his department and it is a good job so he needs to stick with it.

He and I have been together for about a year and in that time , I have seen her do everything under the sun to make him miserable.

Reports him at work for any infraction she can from dress code violations to what have you.

Then she found out we were together - she hasn't spoke to me in years ( I knew

both from before they were married & my sister & her were friends). I always

figured she thought I took his side in the divorce & I did. I said at the time what she did to him was not right. I knew a couple of her other ex-husbands too and heard she cheated on them too, so didn't think much of her.

Now all of a sudden she can't wait to talk to me. I knew then she was up to something. Next thing I know she is

telling my family members that she and my Boyfriend are getting back together (He wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole). Then I find out she canceled some flowers he tried to send to me (turned

out she had a friend at the floral shop).

She keeps pulling these petty little stunts.

I know she likes to recycle husbands, but don't think she really even wants him

back. It's been 7 years , don't you think you would just say " I've moved on" and leave it at that?

What is the point in keeping all the trouble going?

I'm not sure what he saw in her back then, but he has a good heart and tries

to see the best in everyone.

My boyfriend hates confrontation, so just avoids her like the plague.

I don't talk to her if at all possible, because if I had to talk to her too much I might just say what I think of her and that would cause a big scene.

We both just want her to leave us alone.

But every time we turn around she

seems to be stirring trouble.

It really made me mad, because now she has some on my family convinced he is

just dating me to make her jealous. I told them I know better and they need to

stop listening to idle gossip. I also pointed out all the holes in her story.

Is it because her last marriage tanked (again) just about the time my boyfriend and I got started, so maybe she is mad he moved on and while she is alone again?

Could she possible think she could dump

him for someone else and he would wait for her?

Or is it she is so miserable in life she

wants to make everyone else miserable too?

Has anyone ever encountered an ex who is this much of a pain after this long?

Anybody want a pain in the neck ex-wife?
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I'll give her too you - even pay for postage
The seven year ex that won't go away! What is my boyfriend's ex's problem?
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