Patience with life and relationships?

I dont know how to be patient anymore with anything i can't stay focused on at all. With my relationship i get way to bugged out real quick so i guess thats why im not in a relationship and still a virgin. I also can't focus in school or my regular life i dont have adhd or anything but im just not pateint.
I feel 100% its all because im still at thw crib and also i dont have my diploma but im in rhe procces and i dont have my permit but im taking the test next week on Monday confident on passing it i haven't been on my shit for a while but im back on it and now that i am im uncomfortable at the crib and i wanna leave so bad and i know id probably get in trouble if i leave the crib but i know i be more productive now that im more foucsed at home but the anticipation of achieving all my goals by June with getring this car and decent job etc. Im honestly feeling the pressrue i need some advice... one of my oga said i need to fuck a bitch...
Patience with life and relationships?
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