How do you figure out that someone is being nice or if they like you as more than a freind?

I'm curious about this cause often I get told by a girl that I'm being friendly to that she is not interested. Yet I was just trying to be her freind not ask her out.
Sorry it is not one girl but several girls.


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  • She got the vibe that you were interested, and it is often easy to confuse someone being friendly with romantic interest.

    • True it sometimes is. But I was surprised by this one. I thought that I was not being that friendly with her.

    • Did you tell her that you're just being friendly so she knows? How did you two leave things?

  • Signals often get crossed with this stuff, but if you have had this conversation more than once and on a regular basis with the same girl its very possible she is finding you more annoying than a friend. You don't give us a lot of details of how you two interact or where she is getting this idea so it's hard to judge. I would say just give her space and keep you conversations pretty flat with out much joking. But also consider she may just not want to talk to you at all and this is her way of trying to tell you to go away.

    • It is more than one girl man. I did get that from a girl in highschool but she was saying that cause she liked me and wanted to manipulate me into liking her by wondering about her.

    • Then you might be looking at a case where you are being a bit more forward than the typical guy. Not saying there is anything wrong by the way I have had those moments myself. It might be a case where you need to learn to read the room and how people are taking you a bit quicker. What to you or me is just joking around or casual conversation may come across as strong to the average person. Just gauge the audience, if she is going along with it in a friendly way, a tolerant but turned off way, or a Im into you way.

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