Does a change in hugs mean anything?

My female friend and I got on bad standings and our hugs definitely changed. To quick and fast side hugs. After a year and a half our relationship got better. Yesterday she hugged me and held me tight before letting go.

Since we had a rough patch our hugs have quick side hugs. Before we did nice frontal hugs and held each other a bit. Does her change in hugs mean that we are back to being friends or did she just miss me or wanted a good hug?

We got on bad standings after I tried asking her out.Does a change in hugs mean anything??


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  • To me it would indicate that she doesn't feel awkward hugging you anymore.

    • Should I hug her back more or slowly go back to our old hugs?

    • Let her move at her own pace.

    • How so? It takes 2 to hug. If she does not think that I feel like we are back to friends with a nice hug back. She might take offence.

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  • Yep... definitely.
    Same with kissing.

    • Lol kissing I know means something. I'm not sure about hugs.

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