What does it mean when a guy keeps going back and forth in the relationship?

I've been dating a guy for 3 months and basically have been hanging out everyday over there. Whether there is a label or not we are basically bf/gf. Through this process of dating him its been difficult. Oddly, his actions stay the same but his words change. We've opened up to each other a lot. We hit it off emotionally and physically. He will be normal and taking it day by day and then just freak out over something small and feel he "can't do this." That he's just not good at relationships. Then he recently wanted me to meet his kid..he said to take a step forward. I didn't go, didn't feel ready or content with the relationship yet. 2 days later he doesn't want a relationship but to date. But, still calls everyday and wants to hangout and have me over. ? Very confused. I'm okay with taking things slow and day by day. But, what's wrong with this guy? Is it possible he's just terrified of messing things up or commitment? Please help


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  • It means he is the guy afraid of commitment.

    • Thanks. I think so too. What do you from hearing this feel I should do? Do you think I should still give it time if I really care about the guy?

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