We both like each other, but now what? where do we go from here?

so last night, I was hanging out with this guy I've been crushing on for a few months (we're both seniors in college) and we both admitted that we really like each other, though we're not quite ready yet to actually be in a relationship, which is totally fine by me (im just so happy to hear that he likes me back, even though it was quite obvious how we both felt), but my question is...what now? I guess I should just wait and see what happens and see how it all unfolds? he told me that in past relationships, he's been used to the girl hating him by the end of it; he claimed he was "all smoke and mirrors" and warned me of that (I really have no idea what he was talking about (any thoughts on this?) but I told him I was a bit more optimistic about this (I wonder if he's afraid of getting hurt though). Okay, so...it's a good thing I won't see him at all this weekend, but when we do see each other next, how should I act? I guess now the "illusion" of the perfect relationship, perfect crush is gone, and now we have to work at it and see what happens. Or something like that? What do you think?


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  • I wish I knew some people just stay dating till one says your mine or something, I am always so clingy if I like someone and then mess it all up by pushing to hard or asking to be serious .