Should I break up with my boyfriend? Advice please?

Should I break up with my boyfriend? Advice please?
I've realized that lately I've been rather rude, emotional, and borderline abusive towards my boyfriend.. Whom I love so dearly..

I'm not sure what to do.. So I've been trying to handle it myself and control my outbursts and emotional flares so I don't hurt him.. So I've been kinda distant.. Which hurts him even though he's aware of my situation..

I've also noticed that my love for him has faded drastically.. And his love for me has only grown more and more..

We were just on the phone.. And I mentioned breaking up with him to save him from heartbreak and he got teary and so distraught and sad.. I felt so bad but trapped.. I'm on a downhill spiral and I can't stand the thought of him being dragged with me..

It just seems like anything I do will make him sad at this point.. And I really don't want to hurt him..

Should I break up with him? What should I do? I'm just so stressed and lost right now.. I'd really appreciate any advice!
1 y
A lot of you guys have mentioned therapy, so I'll just mention it here.. I've been there done that, and it didn't help at *all*.. I actually left worse than I was when I started. So I'm not ever giving it another chance. I tried twice and, as mentioned, left worse. So I absolutely refuse to go through those horrors again.
1 y
I'd just say to again, say thank you to all the kind and considerate thoughts and input! Things have gotten considerably better!! I still am not likely to seek therapy, though.. But my boyfriend understands this.. I might consider medications though.. We've talked about that together. Things are still a bit rough on my end, but they always are tbh.. He's told me countless times that he'll stay with me regardless of what happens since he really loves me.. But that's kinda what worries me slightly
Should I break up with my boyfriend? Advice please?
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