I need an advise?

so this girl i used to have crush on we were good friends then deep in the friendship longstoryshort i did ask her out , she said no, we talked after like nothing happend then she started to ignore me i stoped for year (then i found she got a new bf) ... now after she dumped him or i dunno what they just broke up about a mnoth ago, she started to act nice and we shared some eye contact and her friends are talking with me and stuff , the thing is the same happened before and i thought the feeling was mutual but it was not , so is it the same this time? should i do something? im thinking of telling her ( that whats up with u being nice suddenly and you know we can't be friends)? what do you guys think? and sorry for the long post i need an advise?


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  • Hmmm... she is one of ‘those girls’! The kind that give up friendships when they get a boyfriend. Talk to her friends! They will probably tell you the same!

    • she started to act nice, i think ill just tell her that we can't be friends

    • Sounds like a plan! She might realise how horrible she is being, and treasure her friendships.

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