I told him "I love you".. and he didn't say it back..

My boyfriend and I have been dating/seeing each other for a year now. Everything has been extremely slow moving in our relationship. We just finally officially decided to be 'boyfriend/girlfriend' in August. He was hurt pretty badly by his ex who he dated for six whole years and she left him for another guy unexpectedly. She is engaged now.

He is 26 years old and I am 22. I felt like things were going really well so we were in bed the one night cuddling and I whispered it to him. It was dead silent after I said it and then I felt like an idiot. I started crying after the silence of about 5 minutes went by when I realized he wasn't saying it back. We have a great relationship and everything has been going awesome, so I thought for sure he was waiting on me to say it first. it crushed me when he didn't say it back. Now it bothers me.

He made it clear that he cares about me A LOT. He just said it's hard for him to say that to and that he needs time. What does this mean? I really feel like he loves me but maybe is scared to say it or scared to express his feelings. He is not one to show any emotion. Help someone explain what I need to do or how I should treat this situation. It hurt a lot but I'm willing to be patient with him because he is worth the wait.


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  • You are a slowly developing relationship, and you have been official only 2 or 3 months. So ir sounds like he's taking things slow, which isn't a bad thing necessarily.

    How does he treat you? Like a guy who cares deeply about you? Like he has deep feelings for you? Like he is really into you?

    If you say yes to those questions, give things a bit more time.

    • He treats me better than any other guy I have dated, he is very grown up and mature! He said he will say it someday but just to give him time. So I feel like when he does say it he will really mean it 100%. He is all about me and his friends say I have him 'whipped' but I don't know how that works exactly but apparently that is a good thing for me? lol I'm guessing that means he is into me from his friend's point of view.

    • Well, he treats you better than guys who did say I love you...so you have your answer right there. For some people, it just takes longer to come right out and say it. And I think to some people those 3 words have deeper meaning than they do to other people.

      I would recommend, though, that you hold back and not tell him again that you love him until he says it to you.

    • Thank you very much! You helped out a lot! :)

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  • you can't express your love to each other, but you're both official...something is wrong here...you better make sure that you didn't become a rebound girl

    • I am definitely not a rebound girl, if so I wouldn't be getting invited to family functions and a work Christmas party. He also wouldn't spend all his free time with me! Call every day/night like clock work. So thanks for the advice but no thanks! Sorry this was not very helpful to me! A rebound chick would not last for over a year and on going!

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