Does being upfront about feelings early on freak women out?

Met someone recently and we get along really well. We decided to be friends first and see where it takes us. Although after a couple of weeks of knowing her I'm confident I would like to take things further. I don't like playing games and wasting each other's time.

My question is, do women get freaked out if a guy is too eager to start a relationship when they don't know each other that well? From a guy's point of view, when I was younger and someone was too eager too soon, it did freak me out a little. With age and expereince I care a lot less now it seems


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  • Depends on what the other person is looking for. I mean take one of my friends, he basically openly admitted he wanted a relationship which freaked me out as it wasn't what I was looking for which damaged the friendship

    • Did it come out of of the blue or did you two share some connection beyond just being casual friends?

    • Out of the blue

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