How to lose interest with your boyfriend?

How do you lose interest with your boyfriend without deleting pictures, breaking up, and not talking, or hanging out? I’m really clingy to my boyfriend and all and I don’t want to be anymore he really doesn’t like it, example: a lot of times he doesn’t feel like calling me and I get sad from that so I wanna know how to lose interest so that I just won’t care anymore.


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  • All I can say is just chill out and not worry about him. He just feels as though he needs his own space and time at times.

    He proabably apprieates you and that but there’s no need to call 24/7. At times he feels he needs his own time.

    Doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you though, just means he wants things balanced.

    As Iv said just chill out and it’ll make things work


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  • i don't think it's about losing interest it's just about being less clingy. there is nothing to suggest that being clingy means you are more interested

    being clingy tends to suggest a fear or insecurity over losing them. or being overly dependent. so you have to find ways to address what is making you clingy.

  • Onces you go black you will never go back.


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