Should I send my boyfriend a simple birthday message or send him a cute paragraph?

Its my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow
Im planning to write a paragraph on my facebook saying happy birthday to him and expressing how I feel about him and how we have been through so much
And then post a picture of a collage of different photos of us together
Or should I just send him a "happy birthday babe" message?
Or send him a paragraph saying how i love him and how we went through alot? And then post it on facebook too?
  • Just send him a simple "happy birthday babe" message
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  • Send him the paragraph and post it on facebook too
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  • Just send him the paragraph but dont post on facebook
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  • Neither. Send him something a bit more advanced than happy birthday but keep it private. You can add the lovey dovey stuff to make him feel wanted just don't go public with that, that will weird him out.


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