Friend asked me if I liked her sister and I told her I always thought she was cool. Bad or good? Thoughts?


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  • It depends on why she was asking. It could have been to see if you were interested in her sister because the sister is interested in you
    Or it could have been to see if your attention was on her when you're together or if it wanders.

    I dont know

    • I'm not dating anyone right now. And she knows that. But i dont want the sister nor my friend. can't girls and guys be friends or is this a myth?

    • Its not a myth.

      Who said you aren't just friends?

      Either way there's no point lying. If you lie, it could be good or bad. Good, you have to keep up the lie. Bad you get caught out as a lier...
      You can't please everyone so... Might as well make it easy for yourself, just be honest.

      If she's playing games she was a terrible friend anyway.
      If her sister is interested and you're not just say so.

      This isn't a difficut or confusing situation.

    • I mentioned to her before why does she always trying this and she asked what i thought of her sister.

What Guys Said 1

  • Depends on context, my ex asked me if I thought her sister (older) was hot, and I said hell yea, she was pleased with that answer, but she knew it would never go anywhere


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