Do you find it challenging to talk about your financial ebb and flow status to your significant other?

I’ve always found it hard to ever discuss financial issues or standings with anyone, not even my significant other. Now living together for years, I guess it should be easier. How is this area of life for you and being able or not able to communicate about it to others? Any advice to loosen up talking About this subject?
Is this weird? I know as an adult I should be able to talk about my highs and lows of money but I just don’t.


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  • Talking about money is still a big problem today within a relationship. Many couples have one common account and each one its own.
    If you have a common account it may not necessary to talk about money.


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  • It is easy for me

    • How is it easy? Do you just talk with your boyfriend about how much you make and spend?

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