Do guys like the chase when they're the one being chased and pursued?

This guy is driving me crazy. He's being very mysterious with me, but at the same he interests the hell out of me. Like everytime I talk to him I want to know more and I keep going back for more.

It's very sexy me. I'm not used to men being this way with me. I'm used to the opposite. Them trying to hard and coming on wayyyyyyyy to strong or being super sexual with me.


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  • Have you thought that perhaps he's simply not interested in you?

  • Sounds like me.
    It’s normal for me.
    I’m mysterious cuz I don’t share my life with strangers if you know what I mean, it would take a girl at least 2 years to even get to know me on a personal level and that I would consider like 30-40% of me.
    Other than that, I’m surrounded by lustful women so it’s not something unique to be chased or persuaded.
    They do help me for self validation but I don’t like such women, they make me uncomfortable and they don’t respect me either.

    If I ever wanted a long term relationship, I would rather consider equality.

    Cuz it’s just so normal if you know what I mean, there’s nothing special in boosting a guy’s ego cuz you’re not the only one doing so..
    Hope it helps.


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  • Slow down the other show will stop classic borderline perialitu disorder move


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