How can I show my boyfriend I care about him?

I feel like I always show him affection and shit, but he still acts all sensitive. We have a pretty trusting relationship, we both know we wouldn't cheat or lie or anything. Recently he's been acting kinda weird. Like I know i have been too, because i've been having doubts about him, and to be honest, I've been debating breaking up with him.

He kinda brings be down sometimes, like I'll have energy and be in a good mood, and he'll just be all bummy. He picks me up from work often times and barely talks to me, and when I talk, I feel like he's not even listening. He'll keep saying "sorry what"... like I definitely don't wanna keep repeating myself. Things like this make me doubt how much he actually likes me.

I don't even think he notices he does these things. Like sometimes he'll be all talkative and smiley with his friends, but not with me. I ask him if he's gonna talk and he says he has nothing to say. Then once we get to his room and makeout a little , he gets a bit sweeter. Starts calling me beautiful and shit, and the mood just changes after that, like we're both happier "seemingly". But the next day it's the same thing.

I act distant from him when I feel he isn't treating me that well, but now he's being all weird and making lowkey comments about how i don't like him...


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  • Yes, guys do that. Cause girls talks a lot and get mad if we give the wrong comment, so we just kept our mouth shut most of the time. And girls don't appreciate our comment at all. They just want to be listened so we got passive in conversation.
    Understand his love language. Some people show love by doing chores that don't really have to be done, some are showing affection, some are giving surprise gifts and many other ways. Find out what his love language is.

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  • Smile, just smile. Hug him. We love that.

    • ya see i do all that but he still gets weird

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