Where do I stand with this girl?

There is this girl I really like. She already knows and she told me that she wants to just be friends. After several months of not talking to her, I sent her a message when I was feeling really depressed and I seemingly randomly asked for emotional help. After she at first said that she would probably not be able to help. I then explained my situation to her and also told her that because I really like her, she can very easily impact my emotions, and having a strong positive impact on my emotions would come in handy.

Afterwards, she gave me what seemingly was very good advice on how to deal with my situation, and as expected, I was much happier and it didn't seem to take much for her. She then told me she was glad she was able to help.

I made it clear that while I really like her, I accept her as a friend by saying "I've talked about this to other friends as well". Was she doing this to avoid feeling some kind of guilt? Does she want to get out of the friend zone possibly someday? Is she just happy to be a supportive friend who can help in any way? Is it possibly a combination of these? Is it possible to tell?
  • She's trying to avoid feeling guilty
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  • Wants to get out of the friend zone someday
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  • Happy to be a supportive friend in any way
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  • Combination of above
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  • She is just a friend

    • That's ok. As long as she is somewhere in my life, I'm happy

    • I would appreciate a few more opinions

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