Why do people get into relationships?

Why do people? How do you? What's it like having those feelings for Someone? What's the point in the relationship? Why do people get heart broken when the relationship ends? I don't understand relationships


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  • Because relationships come with intimacy, love, romance, lust and all sorts of goor feelings. You also have someone to share your life with, who loves you and who you build a friendship with that reaches intimacy levels beyond normal friendships.

    People get heartbroken because they lose the love of their life. Just like losing someone close to death. Knowing you will never share romance with them again if you loved them, hurts.


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  • 1. "Why do people?"

    Well, that is subjective to everyone. Some people simply need a relationship to be happy, some don't need it but they want a relationship so that they can explore life. Some people simply have a need to be loved by someone.

    2. "How do you?"

    How?, well there is no straightforward answer to this. I think one can start from friendship and then slowly progress to next level.

    3. "What's it like having those feelings for Someone?"

    I have no idea. I don't know. I have always been single and I wish to remain single forever. Hence I suppose only a person who is in love with someone or a person who is currently in a relationship can answer your question.

    4." What's the point in the relationship?"

    That is debatable topic. A person who is single or who has always been single will say " there is absolutely no point in a relationship, it's useless". Since I have always been single, I would say it's a huge risk. It's absolutely pointless to have a relationship, waste of time. There are chances you will always be concerned about things, worry about your partner ( opposite gender) trying to make you feel jealous or insecure on purpose and so on. It's a extra responsibility of maintaining the relationship and according to me it's not worth taking that responsibility.

    This is only my opinion. Different people can have different takes on this.

    5. "Why do people get heart broken when the relationship ends? I don't understand relationships"

    That is because you get attached to the other person whom you have feelings for and that's why there is heartbreak. Simple.


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  • One thing I had learn to not do date guy/girls in college ot high school is not worth it. too much drama in college relationship as well a high school. learn from your mistake and never blame on other people. I have been in 5 relationships they're all fail I because I want some thing different then guys in college did. two of guys cheated on me and I dump their ass. 5 ex boyfriend. on my 6 boyfriend. by the way all guys I did date in college are all my ex boyfriend. Part from my current boyfriend Alex not from college.


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  • Me neither, people are stupid, they call us stupid cuz they’re the majority and they outnumber us


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