Liking Old Fling's Pics While in a Relationship: Okay or not Okay?

I'd like to say that it's no big deal, but I can imagine having an issue when I notice a pattern. Is it appropriate, or cool, or okay to like an old fling's pictures on social media while in a relationship? Does it mean anything if you do like still wanting or desiring that person? What would you think if your SO or partner were to do it to you?


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  • I would not be keen on someone doing that. I’d take it as a sign they’re not ready to move on

  • I don't think so. People read way too into social media interactions. Most of the time when I'm on social media I don't even look at half the stuff I'm liking

    • 🤔im confused now. So why like it if it's not being conceptualized?

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    • I don't know like I said there's no need to read into a like on Facebook or Instagram. If it really bugs you then you shouldn't be friends with that person at all

    • Might be true. Indeed

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