Should I contact this guy, gone quiet after s@x?

This guy and I have been talking for 5 months, we work together and get along really well. Anyway the first time we went out he was very cuddly and kissed me 5 times, opened doors for me, walked me up the drive way etc. He literally remembers all the small things I've told him, he ask about my friends and family. Anyway the second time we hung out again he was cuddly and one thing lead to another we ended up sleeping together. One thing it took him awhile to get hard even though I was trying to stimulate him, he kept stressing saying this has never happened before and he's not sure what to do. Eventually he did get there's in the end. Anyway then he offered to come meet my mum and walked me up the drive way. We were texting that night and he implied wanting to see me again. I sent the last message, he snapped me the next day a video with saying the day was beautiful, and I snapped something random. We haven't spoken since then, should I contact him? Usually I snap him everyday but now I've gone quiet for two days as I don't want to come across as clingy?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Text him.. There's absolutely no harm in "texting first". I don't understand why people feel they need to conform to some social construct that implies you're "needy" if you text first.
    Seriously, you exchanged an intimate moment, you're entitled to know where you (and he) stands now.
    Hope it goes well for you.


What Girls Said 2

  • Life is too short to take pride into not texting first. I totally get you but just say fuck it and text him.

  • Well I you're pregnant go! If not, don't waste time.


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