Is he serious about marriage? Guys advice, please?

My boyfriend & I talk about getting married quite frequently. I love when he brings it up :) but how do I know he is serious about it? He says things like he doesn't want to not be without me ever and that I'm his best friend and he would tell things to me before he would tell any of his guy friends. One night he even wanted to come up with names for our kids and we couldn't get off the phone til we agreed on them.

Do most guys do this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You don't... but that doesn't matter he's thinking about his future and can see you in it... now you just have to wait till he finishes plotting the next move, be it saving for the ring, devising a plan or something incredibly sappy and corny.

    just enjoy the relationship and keep doing what you have been doing. its obviously working


What Girls Said 1

  • All guys definitely do not do this! That's really sweet that your guy is doing these things and it sounds really good right now. While it's fun to talk about these things, just remember things aren't always forever so try to live in this moment and have fun with him and enjoy these sweet things and if they do end up happening that's amazing but also prepare yourself to know that a lot of guys just talk, and it's really their actions you should pay attention. Also, he may mean those things about being together forever NOW, but all kinds of things could change for you or him so I'd just enjoy what you have right now :)

    • thanks girl. :)

      I defintely do understand that things don't always last forever.

    • I agree with her.'

      sometimes we get so caught up in our feeling for you girls we say things we might not have totally thought out lol. But hey go with it. If your ready for this step then all you can do is play oit out and see how serious he is gonna get...mayb you will be getting a nice gift soon...

    • Your welcome!

      I hope the best for you!

      Also, make sure he is someone you can see in your future who would help better you as a person. Marriage is a serious commitment that is so rushed these days and often ends in divorce. Make sure it's right...and HE is the right one!

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