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I had kind of a crush on him but I wasn't sure that it was really a crush or just a huge sense of friendship. After two years I convinced myself that I should stop the crush on him and continue to be friends because I know him so well.. He talked to some girls from here and there... We don't have the same way of thinking in many things in life... So I just gave up.
I recorded a recording of my voice singing as a way of trying a new hobby and I sent it to my friend. Today when we were at school she let him and another male friend of mine listen to the recording and I was so embarrassed because I'm insecure when it comes to my voice so I went out of the class.. When they called me in he said "that's was really nice!!" .. When we went home.. I asked them on our whatsapp group to rate it and he said 10/10 and then he sent me a private message saying... "Send me your songπŸ˜‚πŸ˜…" ... And I told him "why? Did u like it? πŸ˜‚" so he said "yep It's nice".



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  • He likes you.

    • Just because he asked for my voice recording then it means that he likes me?

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    • Thank you for your help ! ☺

    • Any time. πŸ‘

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