What's your opinion on polygamy?

Polygamy = having more than one wife/husband.

What's your opinion of it?What's your opinion on polygamy?
I asked because after having so many females after me I've started to look into this as a solution to my problems.


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  • I know people who attempt to do it but I’ve never seen anyone genuinely happy with it. It tends to be one sided in that one individual benefits greatly while another suffers.

    Personally it doesn’t appeal to me because I crave possessiveness in a partner (save the toxic speech for somebody else) and I don’t handle jealousy well (I just walk away, I don’t pay lip service to people who make me feel bad).

    So in my opinion it sounds good on paper... to someone out there... but the practical application just isn’t there. It doesn’t abide to human nature.

  • People can do whatever they want. It's not my thing.


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  • The whole point of marriage for me is two people fully committed to one another. There's really no way to be fully comitted to multiple people. There is always going to be a favorite, one that you care for more than the other. Even if it's only by a little. And that is wrong in my opinion.

  • it's a sin
    must be punishable by burning at the stake

    • Sin according to what?

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    • that part of the bible was during a sinful period of time
      when we thought we could do anything and nothing bad would happen
      oh but something bad happened indeed the great flood

    • And yet God did nothing to punish the kings with 100s of wives and concubines. And those parts of the Bible were never removed even though they don't follow the new teachings.

      Almost like the Bible is inconsistent and makes no sense a lot of the time.

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