Is he trying to mess with my head?

OK so me and this guy dated for 10 months and he was madly in love with me and then all of sudden he goes from saying I love you so much...i can't sleep because I miss you so literally 4 days later I don't love you anymore...

alright a reason why he broke up with me was b.c he didn't want a relationship right now and it didn't benefit his future...umm so it has been 2.5 month since we broke up and he is now in another relationship..but here is the catch..she is in 10th grade is HS..and he is a freshman in college as am i...umm she is apparently young for her it is actually illegal for them to have sex...she lives in Nova about 20 min away from him when he is home and 3 hrs when he is at school...she is nowhere near as pretty as me...he even thinks I am prettier than his new gf...he is actually embarrassed to be dating she doesn't even look older than 10th...she isn't even old enough to have her license..and he doesn't get his back till may..we were 30 min apart in college...and he couldn't do that and how does he think this is going to turn out...umm he went from dating someone so much better, as my friends have told me, to someone who is not nearly as good as on his fb status the other day he was like "hey (new girlfriend name), thanks for being my new gf" ummm you don't thank someone for being your gf...and especially not publicly..that is just my question is he trying to mess with my head? he is trying to make me jealous? like seriously tell me please

like I think she is younger than my little brother...this is like my ex dating me little bros gf...
Is he trying to mess with my head?
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