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I've been feeling so neglected lately. I drove 8 hours to see my boyfriend. He lives in another country. Seems like all we do is fight anymore. I ask to be intimate and loving and playful and I get shunned. I get upset and we fight. I usually threaten to leave and I dont like to. I shouldn't have to threaten that, just to get what I want. After we argued he wanted to do what I was complaining about so ofcourse I didn't want it because it felt like it was out of my complaints and not because he wanted to😭. I'm just so frustrated. He questions my parenting, makes me feel like I'm not doing it good enough, then doesn't give me love and attention that I need. My sexual needs aren't even being met. I'm so scrambled right now. I dont know what to do. I know I shouldn't threaten leaving to get what I want but I dont know how else to get it. I feel he should be trying more to keep me happy. Yes I've talked to him about it. It's been an ongoing issue for 5 years. We are suppose to be moving in together and I'm changing my whole life and my sons life to be with him. Whenever I think about leaving tho, I have a weird feeling in my stomach. But I'm just so fed up. I have contemplated cheating on him several times. I just want me needs met. Any suggestions would be appreciated How does this work?


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  • It sounds to me like your relationship has ran it's course.


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  • That weird feeling in your stomach is just nerves you need to do what is best for you


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